In honor of the doubly nominated Les Miserables and the Oscar magnet LOTR Trilogy


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Beyonce Whips Out National Anthem LIVE -- Suck It, Haters!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

"Any questions?"

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We’re Back with a Post about a Story that Everyone Knows Already!


While this devastation is nowhere on the scale that the Wimy Ponett ultimate disaster and heartbreak was, it still is sad.  Rumor has it that Justin is now with a Victoria’s Secret model (can you say “cliche”) who tweeted that she doesn’t like Selena (HOW DARE SHE). 

I am 100% team Selena. She’s a beautiful latina queen who frankly can do MUCH better than Justin Bieber.  If you’re gonna go for an international boyfriend, let’s aim a little higher next time, okay, Selena? You can finally have a cool boyfriend! 

Let’s all celebrate tonight that Justin Bieber’s little skeezy hands will no longer be all over the temple that is Selena’s body.

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Two Celebs in One Day: I Had Almost Forgotten that I Live in LA

By Rachel

Today was a good day, by LA standards.  Two D-List Celebrity sightings happened within hours of each other, in two completely different locations!

This represents the pat on the back I am constantly giving myself.

I was picking my mother up from the airport, who desperately needed wifi because US Airways didn’t have any and had some internet things to do, so we naturally went to the nearest Starbucks to ease her wireless fix.  As I’m walking up to the door, who do I see, but…

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Just When You Thought Chris Brown Couldn’t Get Any More Despicable…

He surprises you! 

After the whole domestic abuse fiasco with Rihanna, I was shocked.

I was officially over Chris Brown.

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(Source: tmz.com)

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Kanye Probes Your Mind with Profound Sociological Questions

Firstly, if you don’t follow Kanye West on Twitter, your life is probably pretty horrible. If you don’t have a Twitter, get one. Just to follow Kanye.

Now that we’ve covered that issue, I bring you Kanye’s latest public musings sparked by the word “bitch.”

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Beysus Turns 31 Today!

Countdown by Beyoncé on Grooveshark

No need to Countdown anymore, it’s here!  

Ms. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles,

The Hollywangers salute you on this fourth day of September, otherwise known as the day the lovely Tina expelled you into this big, bad world. B, your birth was revolutionary, as were these other important events that happened on September 4th:

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The Most Important Canadian Union Canadian Music Has Ever Known

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, Canadian darling and “rocker girl” Avril Lavigne is engaged to one of the most despised men in the entertainment industry (I don’t use the term “music” lightly)—Canadian Chad Kroeger of the superbly annoying band Nickelback.  While Nickelback may just be the most unpopular band of all time, this news made my heart swell with joy.  It’s not every day that two extremely irrelevant “celebrities” find love in this dark, cold world and start a media frenzy that seems to inversely correlate to their importance.  Here at Hooray for Hollywang, us girls are all aboot this fantastic couple and wish them the best. We’ll expect a wedding duet the likes of which this world has never seen; we know you have it in you!  Just, please don’t procreate.  I don’t know if the human population could handle that. Congrats, eh!

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I didn’t want to do it….but I did.

Ferocious europoppin shameless chic twerkin jam. Hopefully the dance gods will make this song happen. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

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But I just keep on snatching wigs incessantly..

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! It’s official: the divine Mariah Carey will be gracing American Idol’s next season.

Simon Cowell just rage pooped in his pants. 

Her shade will make daylight pitch black. I guess now I have to watch X Factor AND American Idol. Oy vey.

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